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Our first trip to Africa. Kenya is the destination of excellence for a photo safari. With 52 reserves and national parks, incredible wildlife and varied landscapes, the country has great assets. And Kenyans have understood that their animals are their great added value on the tourist scene. The policy of the country is indeed to preserve its wildlife. Here is the kingdom of the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo). Elephants are such incredible animals… That’s why it is the mascot of the site.

Elephant Family in Kenya
Sahara, Morocco


From Casablanca the white to Chefchaouen the blue or Marrakech the red, explore all the colors of Morocco. Its cities, its walls, its history, but also its living traditions such as the tannery will take you into its rich past. Go on a trekking adventure in the High Atlas and exchange with the few nomads who still transhumance between desert and mountains. Try the night under the stars in its golden desert or relax on its restful beaches, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.

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