Why You Should Buy A Property In St Martin De Belleville

St Martin de Belleville features select real estate gems in areas of appreciable value. So, if you are searching for a prime investment location in St Martin, the Collection Chalet catalog of real estate by Agence des Alpes may well be what you need. The agency has over 30 years of real estate knowledge in the Belleville area. Its staff has market expertise in sales, rentals, and property management. To boost your knowledge of the area, here are some reasons to buy real estate in St Martin De Belleville.

The Location of St Martin

St Martin is in the middle of Trois Vallees, the most extensive ski environment in France and possibly in the world. Many slopes link each other covering an area of more than 600 kilometers. St Martin has about 180 ski lifts and ungroomed land for Alpine ski enthusiasts to savor.

You can definitely find property for sale st martin de belleville. Once you acquire a property from the Collection Chalet catalog, you and your family and group of friends will develop skiing skills and spend your leisure skiing in this beautiful Alps Ski region. The place is right in the Belleville valley, an entrance to the peak of Val Thorens, a condition that ensures tons of snow for skiing in St Martin.

St Martin De Belleville Is A Village And A Ski Resort

Supposing you are buying a ski resort piece of real estate, in time, you will discover that some of those places are not vibrant. That’s not the case with St Martin. There are people, chemists, schools, banks, and neighborhood halls. These businesses are open regularly throughout the year.

In that St Martin Alps region, you will make friends with people who love the Alps as you do and jointly build a community of like-minded people. That aside, you cannot discount the facilities, delight, and professionalism of an International standard ski resort.

Property Variety

Before the skiing began in St Martin, this place was a mere village with mountains around it. Through the years, developers gradually enlarged the area adding more buildings and ski facilities to create a first-rate ski resort. However, the designs are not uniform. They vary according to each developer’s budget, creating a mixture for buyers to buy real estate properties that match their preferences.

Today, St Martin de Belleville has properties of various sizes, types, and designs. If you prefer solid stone walls, domed cellars, and slate-roofed buildings, they are available in the center of the village and Villarencel. Even if you want a ski-in and ski-out designed 1-bedroom with a terrace, you will get many at the little slopes in the village center.

What Is The Value Of The Place

Property in St Martin is not as costly as those in Meribel the high-end Alpine estates. No matter how costly the property in St Martin de Belleville is, you will still be paying less compared to properties in Meribel, and about half of what you might buy similar property in Courchevel. Recall that these three resorts are in the same ski environment and identical Snow conditions, yet you can still choose St Martin because it is more beautiful than the other resorts.

As of 2017, conservatively, you might pay about 14,550 euros per sqm in st Martins, 20,550 Euros per sqm in Meribel, and 25,500 Euros per sqm in Courchevel. The awesome value of the Martin de Belleville property is another reason to choose St Martin De Belleville.

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