Which places can be enjoyed when you travel on the ocean club yacht Bilgin 132?

This futuristic-looking motor yacht can be charted to go to dream spots that don’t need to be distant every time. These places clear our head and favor us to be more relaxed while refueling our mental well-being.
Indeed, the yacht drives us to beautiful places so that you can experience mixed cultures in the islands of Corsica, Sicily or Sardinia, and the town of Naples. The ocean club yacht Bilgin 132 also allows you to go to the Northern Europe and have a fabulous experience of traveling.

What are these dream places?

If your wish is to enjoy places with different cultures and get a beautiful tan, then the French and the Italian Riviera are where you need to go. Such spots have breathtaking beaches, astounding landscapes with forests or mountains, exotic animals and delicious food. Many leisure activities are possible too. You can, indeed, practice snorkeling, kayaking, hiking in mountains, deep-sea diving, parasailing, kite surfing and sunset cruise trip.

Going to a yoga trip

Yoga is a wonderful practice to work on the harmony of your body and mind. It is complementary with physical activities such as surfing, exploration and hiking in mountains so that you can experience the beauty of nature in its raw state.

Enjoying activities in winter

Travelling in the Northern Europe is an alternative for people who are willing to rejuvenate their mental being with atypical experiences. You can then enjoy skiing for an intense activity or simply making a snowman for a more childish activity.

Hiking beautiful landscapes

The island Corsica gives access to dense forests, chic coastal cities and steep mountains. It has also a nature reserve where you can hike. Its exceptional landscapes are admirable in summer or in autumn thanks to the gradient of colors in the trees, which differs from a species to another.

Spending a weekend at the Beach or a charming place while camping

Taking time for yourself on the beach helps you to be in a better mental well-being. Some accessories are necessary to relax on the beach such as some snacks, a hat, a mat, and your sunglasses while enjoying a sunbath. It is possible to listen to the quiet sounds of the sea too and to swim in the sea so that you can enjoy the fauna, same as the marine flora. Furthermore, the variety of the topography makes these places incredible to organize a trip with your close relatives or just alone, and a delightful way to spend time with them near the lakeside. Indeed, you can enjoy greenery and the surroundings of the lake while having fun games such as the sack race and expeditions to hunt mystery treasures.

Ocean Club Yacht Bilgin 132 thereby is an opportunity to seize if you are willing to live great adventures. Besides the fact that you can learn how to better understand yourself while having a fabulous moment with your family, it’s a meeting with wild life, and it’s worth it!
Moreover, as African trips allow you to practice most of these activities, including a Safari ride with lions, you can also spend a beautiful time when you travel in countries such as Morocco or Kenya.

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